A blog post about other bloggers' posts

My 2 favorite blogs on the whole wide web:
Weird Ex-Runner Blogger and Weird Psuedo-Runner Blogger [to be fair, they both probably still run more than I do].

Don't ask me why I like them so much.  Probably because I'm a weird ex-runner and psuedo-blogger, but these are the only 2 blogs I have kept reading for years (actually my friend Jen says I like them probably because of their gifs.  What can I say, I'm easily entertained).  I've read as one blogger had a second child grow from an infant to a toddler and her toddler grow into a pre-schooler as she, the blogger, battled the most excruciating spinal injury and surgery I've ever read (thus ex-runner).  And I've read as the other blogger went to India and Europe, and when her closest friend (who's wedding was featured on the blog) passed away from a tragic car accident.  It's crazy but I felt like I knew her friend as well.

That's how much I'm invested in their blogs.  I've read it religiously and they update almost daily (well at least 3 times a week), and I truly enjoy reading most of their posts.  They are the kind of bloggers I aspire to become: everyday people who can make even the most mundane entertaining.

This blog post in particular cracked me up recently.  And it made me think, what kind of person would hassle the event coordinator of a 50K for a medal when he didn't even finish the race, and then complain about the medal quality?  Wow...just wow.