Day 8: Salt Lake City

On day 8, we finally left the Zion RV River Resort and headed to Salt Lake City, which was about a 5 hour drive when towing and taking gas breaks.  We got into SLC late in the afternoon.

The dogs enjoying the ride.  Ellie's new favorite sleeping position, on Hachi's back.

First stop was the Wasatch Brewery in the Sugarhouse neighborhood for some craft beer.  It was interesting since Utah has some of the strictest alcohol laws, being a Mormon state and all.  Some of the things we learned about alcohol in Utah: 1) All beer sold in restaurants have to be lower than 4% ABV, 2) you can't have a sampler because you can't be served more than one beer at a time 3) if you purchase a growler, you can't have any other glasses of beer on the same tab. 

But the decor was nice.  We went in for a late lunch/early dinner at like 3pm so it was basically empty, except for some "hard core" Utahns drinking 4% ABV beer at the bar.

Then we went to City Creek Center, a brand new shopping mall next to the main Mormon campus and owned by the LDS church, to get my consumerist non-nature fix for the week (though the shops were not great--just boring chain stores that can be found everywhere).  But the mall was pretty cool in that it's an open air mall but has a retractable glass roof to enclose the mall during winter months.  

And that's it for day 8.  Next stop: Wyoming!