Day 5: Antelope Canyon

Well Happy 2015 folks!  It's taken me longer to recap my trip than the actual trip itself, and that's because I'm a lazy blogger.  But I figured I can't just stop mid trip without AT LEAST recapping Antelope Canyon.  It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and these photos don't do it justice.  I need to go back so I can try and take better pictures (or I should probably at least edit these to make them look better, but like I said I'm a lazy blogger).  

There are 2 Antelope Canyons, an upper and a lower.  We went to lower, which doesn't have as great of a lighting but it's also slightly less crowded.  And let me tell you it's a challenge not to get any people in your shots since they herd tourists through these canyons like cattle.  But still, I would say if you're in the area you MUST visit this place.  

My favorite part of the tour was when a tour guide played the Native American flute and it echoed throughout the canyon.  A sound that so perfectly matched to the surroundings that it gave me goosebumps.  

At this point my camera ran out of batteries (I know, such poor planning!) so I resorted to my iPhone and a point and shoot camera.

Yay for iPhone picture processing.

And this is what it looks like going in and out of the canyons.  You actually don't know it's there unless you fell in, which is how the Native Americans found it in the first place (well a goat fell in).  

We stopped here on the way home.  It's quite impressive.  But natural canyons>man-made dams.

And that was our one day in Arizona.  We headed back to our RV parked near Zion and spent one more day there doing one of the hardest hikes of my life (a different kind of hard from Angel's Landing).  Oh and thanks to Lana for posting an encouraging comment on Facebook so I get on my lazy butt to sit-down and write this!