Day 2: Barstow > Las Vegas > Zion, Utah

So we were originally just going to pass through Las Vegas since we go multiple times a year, but c'mon who can just pass through Vegas?  Nope, definitely not us.  We succumbed to the siren call and made a quick trip out of it.  And I have to say I'm glad we did.  It was probably my best 3 hours spent in Vegas.

Since we rarely go to the downtown side of Vegas we decided to just skip the Strip and go for the more laid back part of town (we were not feeling especially glamorous having just come from a night in Shady Lane--we were newly-minted truly trailer park people).

This was my second spin on my first machine!  $20 in, $92 out (that's a profitable 2 minutes).

They need to update their machine, most of these people are dead.

Then in honor of the return of the Walking Dead (this was awhile ago), another $20 in, and about $275 out.  I found my luck with the slot machines so I just decided to go with it.  I made $300 in about 30 minutes (10 minutes of which were spent watching the machine rack up the money)!  I'm not usually a slot machine person, but I have to say it's become more appealing to me in my old age...

Took the winnings straight to the Beef Jerky Store and purchased a whole lotta snacks, about 3 grocery bags full.  It's a good thing we did since we needed them during our long road trip.  We finished it all before we got back to Cali.

And then dinner at Sushi Mon (all you can eat sushi).  The last bit of Japanese food to last us the next couple of weeks on our road trip (as we head into cattle territory).

By the time we pulled out of Vegas, the sun was setting.  This is the view from the back of the truck (Luckily unobstructed because the airstream was temporarily parked at another trailer park.  This was when we were driving back to pick it up).  We pulled into Zion late, around 10pm, but luckily had little trouble setting up camp because we were at an RV resort, which is completely different from a trailer park (but more on that on the next post)!