Everlane Review: The Denim Chore Jacket

One of my most worn jackets from Everlane is their modern utility jacket because not only does it look great but the 4 pockets are super useful (especially when I was doing the Airstream business and nowadays when walking the dogs). So when Everlane asked if I wanted to try anything for August, I was immediately drawn to their denim chore jacket because of the 4 pockets. I also currently don’t have a denim jacket in my closet so this one fills the need. I’ve tried traditional denim jackets in the past but ended up selling them all because it didn’t feel like me. But a denim chore jacket? This is more like me.

Everlane Review The Denim Chore Jacket

{Wearing: Everlane denim chore jacket, Only Child Alta top in raw silk (reviewed here), Only Child Cove linen pants (reviewed here), Martiniano Glove shoes (reviewed here), Mansur Gavriel mini mini lady bag (reviewed here)}

The first thing I noticed right away with this denim jacket was the softness. It didn’t feel rigid like my past denim jackets. This one molded to my body and felt almost like a favorite vintage jacket. When I went back to the product description, I found out it’s because they made this jacket intentionally with a looser weave to get that worn-in feel.

I’m wearing a small here and it fits slightly on the oversized side, which to me makes for a perfect chore jacket (who wants a tight fitting jacket when doing chores lol). But for those who want a more fitted look, you can probably get away with sizing down.

Everlane Review Denim Chore Jacket

{Wearing in photo above Everlane denim chore jacket , Only Child Alta top in black raw silk (reviewed here), Linenfox wide linen pants (review coming soon), Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Lady Bag, Everlane Boss Mules (reviewed here)}

The one negative I will say about this jacket though is that there was a funky smell to it when I first got it. I immediately washed it before wearing and it helped alleviate most of the smell. It’ll probably need a couple more washes before it’s completely smell free.

And if you already have too many denim jackets, then they also released this chore jacket in corduroy. The corduroy jackets would also be warmer and perfect for Fall!

Also you can see how another blogger styles this jacket here (Jamie sized down for a more fitted look).

*This item was gifted but all opinions here are my own.

Weekend Update/Ramblings

Ahoy there my blog mateys. It’s been quite awhile since my last weekend update post, but like I said in past posts I’m suffering from a bit of blog burnout. But I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things and thought I’d write one of these personal posts for this week. I have to admit, one of the reasons for my general funk is my fibroid issue. I did an MRI and they found several fibroids in my uterus, the largest one measuring 20x21cm (that’s bigger than some newborns!). The growth of the tumors is a recent thing (sometime in the last month or so). They gave me a shot to hopefully reduce the size of them, before doing the hysterectomy scheduled in December (the shot will also mimic early menopause so I get to look forward to that). I seriously look pregnant again and am dreading a stranger asking me when I’m due. I was thinking of coming up with a bogus due date so I wouldn’t have to go through the awkwardness of telling them I’m not pregnant.

The fibroids have also been a big buzzkill for putting together outfits for the blog. All my pants are too tight again. I’m back to my pregnancy outfits that I pretty much wore all last year and yet I do not want to buy more clothes. So I’m making do with what I have but it’s been pretty boring around here outfit wise.

Anyway I’m trying not to get too caught up thinking about these tumors growing in my uterus and keep telling myself, this will all pass by the end of the year. And I don’t want to waste Emi’s precious baby months preoccupied. So I try to keep present and stop any feelings of shame about my body.

Plastic is Wonderful

Well that’s not a title you see very often in this day and age. That’s probably something that was touted in the 60’s when the harmfulness of plastic was still unknown. But just as the quote “money is the root of all evil” is technically misquoted from the Bible (it’s “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”), I think saying all plastic is bad is also imprecise. In this case “disposable plastic is bad”, would be the more accurate phrase. Because tbh, I can’t imagine living a life without plastic. It’s man-manipulated stardust if you will. They’ve allowed for modern miracles and have prolonged our lives in general (think of all the plastic necessary in hospitals and saving lives). So this post is an ode to my favorite items made of plastic!

My plastic water bottle: My constant companion.

My collapsible salad bowl: I originally purchased it for use in trailer life, but I love this bowl for everything. It’s lightweight and doesn’t slide.

The NoseFrida: for helping to suck out my baby’s boogers in the gentlest way possible

The Everlane Nylon (Original) Anorak: been using it for 3 years and plan on wearing it forever

Erasable Frixion pens with refills: These are my go-to pens for everything including writing checks, writing in greeting cards and writing in my notebooks because they are erasable (but look like normal pen ink). And I always buy refills now because there’s no point in buying a brand new pen every time.

The Away Suitcase: It’s lightweight and undentable. I can’t imagine owning luggage that wasn’t made of plastic.

The 5% elastane in some of my clothes: I’m grateful for the comfort that the stretchiness of the fabric allows. I can wash it in the washing machine without it losing its shape. Nowadays I try to stick to mostly natural fibers but am ok with some plastic in it sometimes as long as I wear the item as much as possible and as long as possible.

I could probably keep going on and on here but my point is that we need to change our mindset about plastic. It’s not all bad. We just need to treat it with the respect it deserves, thus using it wisely and reusing as much as possible. Disposable plastic is what’s killing our planet, so we need to end those practices and habits (for me that would be pre-washed and pre-made salads and other packaged foods). Plastic is a non-renewable resource that I plan to treat like gold, not trash.