My Resolutions for 2018

First of all 

So even though I usually fail my resolutions and rarely succeed 100%, I like to make resolutions every year as a way of continuing to improve myself (or to at least try).  Last year I only shared my shopping/clothes related resolution with you guys since this is a style/clothing focused blog.  But I've come to realize that I might as well share all my resolutions with you guys in order to try to keep myself accountable and in case there are others trying to make similar changes in their life (like exercise and/or diet).  So here are all my resolutions for 2018:

1) Continue my YES workout regimen

So this was something I started in 2017 and want to continue doing in 2018.  YES stands for Yoga, Elliptical and Swimming.  Ever since my skiing accident in late January last year, I've had to do low impact workouts because frankly my knees just can't take it.  I find a combo of these 3 types of workouts keep me fit but also keeps my head clear too, especially in times of stress.  I try to workout 3-4 times a week and do at least one of each per week (though to be honest, when busy season rolls around it becomes more like an EYE workout regimen, lol).

2) Stop binge drinking

Ok so I'm not an alcoholic here (or at least I don't think I am and this resolution is going to prove/disprove that).  But I got a pretty bad concussion while out drinking with my sister in law in November, and was informed by my doctor that binge drinking is drinking more than 3 alcoholic drinks every 2 hours and drinking more than 7 per week (for women).  I'm definitely a heavy social drinker and I've come to realize that even though I don't drink as much as I used to, I still qualify as a binge drinker.  So this year I'm making an effort to give my liver a break.

3) Shop ethically as much as possible

That means trying to make do with what I already have, borrow if I don't have it, or buy it second-hand. I'll still probably be doing Everlane reviews (since that's what I love), but I will also explore other brands/makers who produce clothing and accessories ethically/transparently/consciously.  This also means a ban on fast fashion.  But who needs fast fashion when there are so many exciting indie designers making things responsibly (ahem Elizabeth Suzann and Only Child).

4) Consume consciously/ Begin my zero waste makeover

So I've started going down the zero waste path by cutting my plastic bag usage and buying these washable sponges and bamboo facial rounds (review coming soon).  But I definitely need to do more when it comes to this department.  I'm also planting a garden (and compost) to reduce my reliance on bagged greens, which I eat daily for breakfast.  For 2018 I'm going to look for other ways to reduce my waste and dependency on plastics, and I'll blog about my adventures/discoveries along the way.  Also if you're a zero waste practitioner, I would love to hear your tips and most useful zero waste advice!

Alright resolutions set!  What are some of your resolutions for the new year?

My 2017 Resolutions Recap

Failure.  That is the theme for my 2017 shopping ban resolution.  Complete and utter failure.  It was supposed to be nothing new except for items that I could get on credit in order to continue my reviews.  But it was impossible to continue to get new items from Everlane and Grana, and not to want to buy other things.  So I let myself slide to buy anything secondhand and justified it as "I'm still shopping ethically" though I went a little nuts and purchased several used bags from Fashionphile (though I also sold several bags to make it an equal 'trade').  And even though it's still shopping ethically, I lost sight of the fact that it was a shopping ban period.  And then in October, I went and shopped at COS (a big sister store to H&M) and that broke all the rules.  I was on track at being able to at least say in this post, "I didn't shop any fast fashion this year" but not anymore.

So what can I say?  Well at least I never purchased anything from Zara, Madewell, J.Crew, H&M, Uniqlo and Nordstrom Rack this year.  In the past they have been my go-to stores, and even when I started this blog reviewing Everlane, I still shopped at these fast-fashion purveyors.  So at least I can say that.  I may have failed to be anti-consumerist and minimalist, but I guess for the most part (except for COS) it was an ethical second-hand only shopping year.  Baby steps right?

Also I succeeded for the most part in some of my other resolutions that I never listed out here (like exercising) so you know all is not lost.  I have a better feeling about 2018 in general and I'll be talking about my new resolutions soon.  But excuse me while I finally purchase the Elizabeth Suzann clothing (Clyde pants and the Clyde Jacket) and Sevilla Smith shoes (well maybe) I've been eyeing all year!